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Welcome to the Calobo Fan Club homepage


Hi! We are Carol (mom) and Jonathan, and we would like to have you join our celebration of the sounds and sights of Calobo. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing this amazing band from Portland, Oregon, hold onto your seats!

This tight seven member band has just released their 4th CD "Stomp" in April. It has gotten rave reviews and the entire CD was played on the radio by The Mountain. Calobo's other 3 CDs, "Ya Dum Di Dum", "Runnin' in the River", and "Calobo" are all great in their own way. 

We have been big fans for several years, since they played with Acoustic Junction (now called Fools Progress) in Oregon. They always put on a wild and energetic show, so we were "hooked". In the past couple of years we have collected set lists, posters, ticket stubs, and pictures, and we will be adding a lot of it. We will also have a page for each new show that we go to, song lyrics, and more cool links.

Life is a journey....stop awhile and enjoy Calobo with us.

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